The Highlight Reel

Sometimes, I go back and read one of my posts and find myself surprised that I was the one who wrote it. Those are the essays that, for a moment at least, let me see that writing a blog isn’t all vain self-indulgence. This is the place where I link to my personal favorite posts, whether or not those got much attention when I published them. (And yes, I understand that while writing isn’t self-indulgent per se, making a page of your own favorites certainly is. I’m okay with that.)

Selective Perception
What do the failures of NFL scouts and criminal prosecutors teach us about choosing spouses?

My Lunch With A Stranger
Happenstance during the holiday season lent me one of the most memorable random encounters of my life.

Adrian Peterson and Cultural Context
Why the public reaction to Adrian Peterson’s child abuse indictment was rife with hypocrisy and fatally nearsighted.

Honest Discussions and Debating Politics
My lament over how rare it is to find honest and respectful disagreements, despite how they benefit us all.

Donald Glover and the Problem of Brand Management
What Donald Glover’s 2013 Instagram notes teach us about the disconnect between who we are and who we show the world. (Incidentally, this is by far my most thoroughly-researched essay.)

An Empty Church
A personal essay about the odd emotions that come with realizing that you’ve moved on from heartbreak.

Sage Rosenfels and the Infinite Sadness
Some thoughts on the heartbreak of finishing second, and the understated melancholy of seeing nice guys finish last.

Suicide is Selfish, But Also It Isn’t
About the time I was planning to kill myself, and how suicidal ideation isn’t necessarily selfish or selfless.

On the Ridiculously Good Looking
A survey of some of the effects of valuing good-looking people more highly than we should.

Six Months in Bondage
A reflection on the recurring nature of depression, and the factors that keep me chained to that affliction.

If you have favorites of your own, especially if you think they are better than the entries listed on this page, let me know!


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