“Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep.”
― Clive Barker

My last post was relevant to how I was feeling when I wrote it. Awake for no apparent reason at 3 a.m., having to rise for work in three hours, getting some unwelcome news while I was at it…. It was all on the verge of bubbling over.
So I just started writing.
That almost made it worse, to be honest. Ever try to write something of any length from an iPad? The autocorrect alone is enough to make someone swear off technology and take up a butterchurn. But slowly, slowly, something came out, something that made me feel like I had redeemed my unfortunate awareness and transcended my frustration.
(Some people tell me I think too highly of myself. It doesn’t help when I speak in such terms.)
All that’s to say, I got some good news in the morning when my buddy Dave Wonders asked if he could read parts of that blog entry on his radio show. Dave works for 104.3 the Pulse in Pequot Lakes. It was flattering and encouraging to be featured on your show, my friend.
Anyway, here’s the audio clip of the segment.