Strained Metaphors and Some Preliminary Thoughts

“There is no fear in chasing; there is fear in being chased.”
— Jack Nicklaus

I spend a lot of time thinking about relationships, and relationships of all kinds. What is it about a person that makes them your friend, as opposed to just someone you know? Can you identify precise moments in time when you became friends with certain people? Is it significant when you can, or when you cannot? I learned tonight that a great way to learn about people is to ask them about break-up lines. Turns out, they seem to draw from experience and tell you all about those experiences. (To be clear, this was a happy accident: I was trying to figure out if the line I’ve heard three times myself just happened to be printed in Cosmo’s breakup guide or something. Conversation flowed naturally from the question.)
I even saw my math major as being predominantly about the study of relationships. In that vein, I have come to the conclusion that you can get a great handle on dating by understanding three things: chess, poker, and ballroom dancing.
I plan to write a bit more on my philosophies on dating and friendships over the next couple of weeks. I have very strong opinions on these matters, so brace yourselves. Your homework is to play a game of chess, a round of poker, and dance the waltz with a reluctant partner. Okay… Go!

By the way, I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers go to great lengths to point out that they are not experts on something. This is a fine thing to do, but I think many of them just do it to diffuse disagreement. I don’t want that. I want to present you with my ideas, and I want to hear about it if you think they are wrong, misinformed, or just plain stupid. That is the refining process of thought.


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