Who are you, O man?

“The heart knows the immensity it wants to achieve, but it is limited.”
― Nadia Scrieva

Once upon a time, I was foolish enough to complain to willing ears that I was too talented: I felt my gifts were so abundant it was hurting my prospects. I can’t even blame this insolence on the shortsighted sincerity of youth. But I cannot make my own dreams come true, much less make a tree. Where was I when You laid the foundation of the earth? I was less than an apparition orbiting a speck of dust.

And yet I was infinitely more, since I was held in Your mind. I cannot begin to will myself to obey and You still knew me before the creation of the world. You uphold Your glory by abasing the proud. Who am I? But one of a trillion trillion grains of sand propping up a mountain that pales next to Your majesty.



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