Running for Hope (and their many bearded interns)

“I love running. I’m not into marathons, but I am into avoiding problems at an accelerated rate.
— Jarod Kintz

Running is one of those things that you can never understand from the outside looking in, and in that way it’s one of the best metaphors for Christianity you could hope to find. People look at you and see all of the changes — your improved health, endurance, & physique, a more upbeat persona, and a vague musty odor — and they still ask why you do it. And they make excuses for why they’re still not ready to try it themselves. You need a great pair of running shoes to follow Jesus.
I may be straining my metaphor.
Hope Community Church will be hosting a 5k on May 11th to support their LDI interns. LDI is Hope’s leadership development program. As I understand it, Hope wouldn’t really function without their interns. If you can imagine a circus without carnies, that’s Hope without its LDI interns. And the interns have better facial hair.


I want you to consider doing one of two things as a result of reading this.
1) If you are a runner, sign up for the 5k!
2) If you are not a runner — or just can’t make it to Minneapolis that day — then prayerfully consider sponsoring me as part of your giving.

I am asking for pledges based on my run time: $5 if I finish in less than a half an hour, $10 for less than 25 minutes, $15 for less than 22:30, and $25 if I finish under twenty minutes. (For the record, I ran a sub-30 5k on a sprained knee, and my current personal best is 23:37.) Not only will you be providing financial support for an important ministry, you’ll be helping to keep me focused and motivated on improving my skill as a runner.
On top of all of that, I will be putting together gift bags for everyone who sponsors me featuring contributions from local artists and artisans. (The specific entries are still being ironed out, but three contributors have already agreed to participate and I hope to get a few more as well.)
At the very least, think and pray about it. There are many worthy places to put your money, but here is another one. And this one carries the distinct possibility of cupcakes. Just sayin’.

Update: as we get closer to the race, I will provide details about how to donate. Until then, just let me know if you plan to sponsor me so I can get all of the logistics sorted out. Thanks again!


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